The Calligrapher

I have been engaged in handwritten calligraphy as an art form for over 25 years and belong to both national and local guilds and organizations in the study, presentation, instruction and promotion of the art. I believe calligraphy is a creative art form in varied medias and have followed this tenet in professionally offering a natural and free flowing style that is the signature of my work. Consequently, I offer many elegant and unique styles – both print and script – available in several flourishes to satisfy the customer’s desire at a reasonable cost. Calligraphy is an artistic presentation and representation of the content as well as the customer. I, therefore, offer an extensive array of handwritten styles to best complement the material and content as well as the customer’s personality.

THE PEN PALETTE, conveniently located in Dunwoody, Georgia near Perimeter Mall, offers many unique, distinctive and elegant styles. All are available in varied flourishes and colors at a reasonable cost with quick turnaround from time of order usually within one week.

John Valentine